Today = FAIL

Flowering Tree

Flowering Tree (yesterday)

I lost all of my progress today. I didn’t mean to and I’m not depressed or moody in the slightest. I’m perfectly neutral and stable feeling.

But I slept the entire day. I woke up around 2pm and I got up cheerfully enough and got all dressed up for my planned bicycle ride. I took my meds (super late) and ate breakfast. Then, I just felt so damn tired, I layed down for a minute. And didn’t wake up again until 6pm when dinner was ready.

Well, y’all know I had not slept much last night, with insomnia until well after 4am. *I suspect the tea I was served late last night may have been caffeinated.* But come on! I don’t remember waking up at all once I fell asleep. I wish I could go back to sleep right now. I’ve only been awake for 3 hours now! I worked out a little bit using a Body Blade, so I an at least not atrophy from having been horizontal for nearly 24 hours straight.

When my uncle saw me at 6pm, he asked me if he needed to take me to a doctor. He was dead serious. I said I felt okay, I just didn’t sleep well last night and was very tired. He asked if he should take me to a doctor tomorrow morning. I said, I see my therapist tomorrow morning and I see my primary care doctor on Wednesday for my full physical check-up. He said yeah but what about seeing my primary care doctor TOMORROW morning. I am not sure if he was angry or just very concerned. Since he wouldn’t let it go, I got nervous, but then my aunt stepped in and tried to smooth it all over so I think it is okay now. I certainly didn’t mean to sleep all day. I was 100% ready and planning on my bike ride in the sun. I just hadn’t known where to go yet. Maybe that’s why I let myself lay down when I did. Oh, well. I’m going to make myself stay awake for at least another hour but then will just go back to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow anyway.


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