Morning #4 Update

Flowering tree

Flowering tree (from yesterday’s walk)

I did not go to sleep at a decent hour last night. I stayed up much too late. Then, because I had stayed up late, I couldn’t fall asleep once I did go to bed. I had terrible insomnia.

So naturally, this morning did not progress as the other days have been doing. It did not really set me far backwards (I was up before 11!!), but it was not pleasant. I had too much anxiety because of knowing the few number of hours I’d actually been sleeping. Once I made myself play music again, though, I did not fall back asleep and eventually did get up (and SHOWER!).

Today’s MOODS: I have not slipped at all today, yet! It’s kind of amazing. I was anxious in the morning, obviously, but then was neutral/happy all morning, happy enough at work (okay, I did want to run and go home really strongly at one point; because nobody gave me any tasks to complete except for boxing up things today). But I’m STILL neutral/happy. My face is breaking out a little bit (acne). To me, that still seems more likely that the iron-messed-up-period is to blame for quite a lot. đŸ™‚ (Gotta love theories that can’t be proven.) ALONG with the Wellbutrin withdrawal! My personal verdict for today, although it’s not over yet? STABLE. Thank. God[].


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