Iron and IBS-D

Scared shitless

Scared shitless (Okay, I’ve used this pic before, but it sort of fits here too…)

This is going to be a very quick digestive-tract TMI, so PLEASE DO NOT READ ON if you know yourself to dislike this kind of reading!

I am here only to complain. I was really hoping these two-per-day tablets of ferrous sulfate 325mg were really going to “cause constipation” like advertised. But alas, they have been unsuccessful in stopping the “D” of my IBS-D.

It does seem to have caused more gas (a lot more), thus resulting in many more stomach aches and therefore nightmares. But why oh why won’t it cause the rest of what it is supposed to cause?

For those who have made it this far and want to know, my IBS-D only occurs on work days. Weekends are fairly “normal”. It’s always been this way.

(Who can resist: There’s just something about work that stresses the shit out of me. …har har har…) Yeah. I’m leaving.


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