Anti-Valentine’s Day!

Magnolia tree

Magnolia tree

You may call me jaded. That’s okay. But for me, Valentine’s Day boils down to one of three possibilities:

  1. You don’t have a significant other on that day and end up feeling like you’re somehow missing out on some great experience (you’re not).
  2. You DO have a significant other and the day is spent as any other day until some pre-determined moment, like dinner, when the requisite, loving meal is prepared and perhaps one of you feels brave enough to play some soft music and light some candles or whatever you find romantic. Then the awkward, unspoken expectations. So when’s the sex? That’s right. It doesn’t matter how you’re feeling or what mood you’re in or if your significant other threw one of your cats into the wall earlier in the day out of anger and you want no part in anything physical with said person. You probably fall into the category of “Oh shit, it’s Valentine’s Day. If we don’t have sex, it puts out into the open that something is ‘wrong’ with our relationship and we might have to actually talk about it.” [This doesn’t even begin to mention my feelings on mandatory money-spending to prove your love for significant other… Here have some chocolates although you’re trying to lose weight, and here’s a cut flower that cost a lot and is going to wilt over in about two days and smell up the apartment… {Am I grouchy?} …It’s just that, you HAVE to! It’s VD after all!]
  3. Maybe you are in some small percentage of either just-started relationships where VD is still all silly and happy and fun and light-hearted and you don’t really know what your expectations are yet, or some other minor, positive category? Enjoy.

I’m going to go plant some trees on Valentine’s Day! I’ve been planning this for a little while, but I’m actually, surprisingly, not going to be alone in this adventure! The (extraordinarily shy) guy I met last night agreed to come plant trees with me on that day. Woo hoo!


4 thoughts on “Anti-Valentine’s Day!

  1. Once I dated an asshole who stole me a sheep’s heart from the community college biology lab for valentine’s day. He thought it would be hilarious, or something…..

    so I always cringe on Valentine’s Day, but I also have that inner 17-year-old girl who didn’t know what to say when her girlfriends said “what did he get you?” (…a sheep heart)

    so yeah I kind of expect the flowers and/or chocolates from the sweetheart who already buys me dinner on a regular basis. but then I will gladly **** his brains out for pleasing my inner 17-year-old girl.

    cause we’re allllll a little (a lot) messed up, haha

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  2. I can’t stand Valentine’s Day. Never could. I’ve already told my husband that I don’t want chocolate or flowers. I’m still reeling from my Xmas overdose. “How about we go on a date?” Sigh . . . date night usually means a trip to WalMart. I lead such an exciting life! LOL!

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