Meds Update: (Journal#067)

Scared shitless

Scared shitless

Today is my first day of going cold-turkey off of bupropion SR 100mg (1x per day). Today and onward, I’m taking 0mg.

I am not comfortable with this and don’t agree with going off cold-turkey but my psychiatrist is sure I won’t have withdrawal symptoms. I am basically scared shitless, but I am going to trust her on this. I’m only worried because I have a strong history of being overly sensitive to meds/ lack thereof.

(P.S. The goal is not to be drug-free, but apparently this one could be causing some of my more recent sleep issues.) Not to mention, this will help ensure I do not end up taking even more pills if I end up having to take a different one in the near future.


8 thoughts on “Meds Update: (Journal#067)

  1. Oh man! I so understand what you mean about Buproprion. I had to change meds last week because of extreme insomnia AND my anxiety skyrocketed. I felt on edge constantly. Now, I’m suffering through the initial side effects of Mirtazapine. Don’t worry about going cold turkey from Buproprion. It’s perfectly okay. I had no issues whatsoever. Hang in there!


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