Lost Meaning is irrelevant. New Meaning is what Matters Now (Topic#047)

The list of things that lost their meaning to me is too vast to list. Instead, I am going to list things that I Currently Love. For me, love in the heart is 100%. It’s a small bubble of joy. It’s a second of bliss. It’s a moment of excitement and freedom. It’s an emotion. It’s a feeling.



Here Is What I Love Lately:

  • Finishing a project at work, no matter how tiny.
  • Missing my train because I was helping other people figure out the ticket machine.
  • One elderly gentleman actually trusting me enough to handle his $10 to show him which way to insert it into the machine.
  • The salmon, yellow, and greens of the single cut flower on my desk right now.
  • I am clean and wearing clean clothes, and am at the perfect temperature.
  • That I just turned around and got someone a missing W9 form from another company within 2 minutes of our payroll informing me that we still needed theirs.
  • Some of “Joe’s” texts making me literally laugh out loud.
  • Cars honking out my office window. No joke. I laugh SO HARD sometimes. I am waiting for a world-record of honking at that corner. Sometimes a person will just lay on the horn so long, I wonder if they’ll ever let up, but sadly, they always do.
  • The cooing of pigeons that settle on the ledge of our office windows (I don’t have a window seat but I always get up to peek on him).
  • The banter of two office workers in particular, who happen to both be in the office today.
  • The sound of their laughter. ❤
  • Watching nobody sit down on a just-vacated train seat because everybody is being polite and offering it to everybody else and nobody knows who is going to take it. LOL
  • Phone calls where you are exceedingly polite and ask to take a message and the other party says no-I’ll-try-back-later-*CLICK* hahaha Noooo YOU weren’t a spam call…not at all.
  • Having the soundtrack to “Into The Woods” in your head the entire day. (I thought the movie actually did a great job of it, EVEN THOUGH they let some happy endings slip through that were NOT supposed to be there, and hacked out “Agony Reprise” which is one of my favorite songs from it.)
  • Having a little baggy of moistened seeds on my desk, that may or may not germinate (I don’t think the seeds were fully formed when they dropped; I think the pods dropped from dehydration. But I’m going to try it anyway.)
  • After missing my train, sitting in the sunshine with my face exposed for a full 15 minutes.
  • The random musicians (or non-musicians) that try to play music for change all around here. The recorder player is my favorite. Or maybe it was the percussionist in the wolf mask…
  • Practicing guitar
  • Singing (however poorly; the vibration in my throat is comforting)
  • Calling my uncle White Trash and having him call me a Hillbilly (referencing movie “Wedding Crashers”) (“What does that even mean?!”)
  • Gluten-free, vegan pizzas
  • Taking the dogs on a walk
  • Sketching (although I have stopped that yet again for now; pressure got too high)
  • Blogging
  • Taking pictures
  • Not letting my adopted bedroom get too messy (quite an accomplishment, for me!)
  • Walking down sidewalks and just happening to be behind an adorable little dog with the cutest trot the whole way
  • Being at the Meditation center (which hasn’t happened in forever)
  • The pictures of my baby boy (dog) that my mom sends me
  • The stories of my baby’s adventures

P.S. My blog is winding down to a close now. It’ll still be in progress for a while yet, but I’m nearly done with all that I wanted to tell.

5 thoughts on “Lost Meaning is irrelevant. New Meaning is what Matters Now (Topic#047)

  1. The list really is amazing, and if you fade away as well as the blog, I also will miss you very much 😦 But to be honest, the break I’m starting on tonight just might be a test for something a lot longer, or a Blog setup a lot different. The world keeps spinning, and things change. Such is progress, such is life. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my! Please keep me up on wherever / however you end up posting in the future. I’ll still be here! I may have prematurely mentioned my more finite number of stories left to tell. It’ll be a while yet. And I plan to stay in touch with everybody’s blogging here anyway. 🙂


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