Poem: You

Take this hand and make it your own.

Take this voice and give it your story.

Freedom comes at a cost.

Take me in your arms.

The wind lets me down softly.

Feathers against my cheek.

Don’t turn your head to me.

From the side, I am here for you.

There is nothing that I wouldn’t do.

But be clear, you’re only here briefly.

I’m just passing through.

Take this heart and make it your love.

Take this hope and make it your own.

Find these shoes lining your bedroom floor.

Find these clothes are not what they seemed. They are yours.

Take my hand and guide me down your life.

Take this voice and sing your own song.

Take these eyes and fill them wih your world.

There is no soul here. I lay before you, an empty shell.

Rise up! And take this chance.

Rise up! And feel the moment is slipping.

Counting the shadows going round and round.

Take me down to the river bed and lay me in silt.

Threads of cool silk, I feel them against my skin.

Blood runs down from my eyes. See your reflection.

I’m staring up to the sky.

Take this breath and taste it. Feel it leave.

It’s rising up to the sky.



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