It is so hard to find NIN memes! (Journal#055)

Y’all don’t need to visit this post. I was just trying to find NIN memes. Is there some stash I’m unaware of? I could only find quote from like 2 different songs.

For me, NIN was… around late middle school / early high school. I was very depressed back then. I didn’t like most of NIN songs, but I connected extremely strongly with some of them.

I found an excellent version of “Hurt” by NIN on YouTube! I highly approve of whoever did these lyric graphics! Please enjoy… unless NIN is triggering for you… which is is for me, but I’m embracing it today.

Where are the ones for, “I was up above it. Now I’m down in it.” or “I used to be so big and strong, I used to know my right from wrong, I used to never be afraid. [I used to be somebody.] I used to have something inside, now it’s just this hole that’s open wide. I used to want it all. [I used to be somebody.] So shut up! What, what does it matter now. I was swimming in the haze, now I crawl on the ground, and everything I never liked about you……has started seeping into me. Try to laugh about it now, but isn’t it funny how everything works out. I guess the joke’s on me, she said. ((I was up above it. Now I’m down in it….))”  Crap, that’s all from memory. I used to listen to their music every night.  [[[Since that’s from memory, the lyrics are not necessarily correct.]]] Oh heck. I’m just going to give it its own post. It deserves it.

How are there no memes from “Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)”? (That’s a different version than just “Piggy”)


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