OMFG: Productivity (Journal#049)

Bowl and Owl

Bowl and Owl — Both of which I have not said thank you for!! Here will be my thank-you for the bowl, which is made from a beautiful wood and actually feels very nice to the touch… And just happened to make a perfect nest for my owl! Together, they are on my nightstand and I love looking at them.

Fact: I’ve been feeling in a pretty positive, productive mood all day today.

Theory: I can only imagine this has to do with having slept the eennttiirree weekend. On Saturday morning, I had the laser beams in my mouth, and was knocked unconscious. I actually don’t recall waking up but I did. My uncle drove me home and then my new friend came over and brought me soft food and we watched many episodes of Star Trek Next Generation. After he left, I slept right there on the TV room floor. I slept there that night, too. I didn’t even change clothes. This is terrible, but I didn’t even get up to brush my teeth / swish like I was supposed to. I’m VERY lucky that I didn’t get an infection right then and there. I was too dang tired to get up. So I slept there that whole night. I slept there the entire next day (Sunday).

Sunday evening, there was some tension in the house and I was concerned that they were snippy because I had been asleep on their TV room floor all day and in the way. I really couldn’t figure out what was causing what with whom or when. But regardless, so I did feel quite guilty then and I started to vacuum. So I did some vacuuming that night. And then I stayed up for several hours longer tidying up my bedroom! Which I have been meaning to do for a very long time.

So not only did I do significant progress on tidying up my bedroom, but today, I did attend work for several hours and then I had my doctor appointment. She did not do the female exam I was expecting but wants to postpone it for a full physical next month, after the rest of the bloodwork and this tongue biopsy results come back. But she did write me a referral to the sleep clinic. Although, she doesn’t think it will be helpful for me. She thinks it will be a waste of time and money. Since I had one many years ago, and I already know I have problems with Restless Leg Syndrome, she offered to prescribe me drugs specifically for that, but I didn’t accept yet. I’m on a lot of drugs as it is and don’t think I could handle adding more on.

She did insist that I see a psychiatrist, which EVERYONE and literally their mothers have been asking me to do for a while now. And I’ve been meaning to do. I did make an attempt some weeks ago but failed to get hold of anyone at that point. So last night, as I was tidying up my room, I did locate the sheet of paper my therapist had written 2 peoples’ names on with their phone numbers. So just a few minutes ago, I left voicemail messages to each of them and will see where it heads from there.

I also did the most amazing thing of writing Thank-You emails to people who sent me birthday cards some months ago! You guys may not know, but that is a HUGE deal for me. Thank you’s are like, always something I mean to do, I know I need to do, I feel horrible guilt for having not done, and yet never make time for it. So I feel so much relief at having written up all of the ones I could locate here on this desk.

So I haveย felt somewhat productive in the past 24 hours and I wish I could retain this feeling forever. It’s such an amazing feeling — feeling CAPABLE of getting something accomplished. Normally I don’t feel this way.

Maybe I have found the key to my life — if I could sleep every other day, then just maybe I could function for half of the week! That would be more than I do normally.


10 thoughts on “OMFG: Productivity (Journal#049)

  1. And just to let you know, I’m similarly determined to continue my own progress in actually getting stuff done and starting to overcome the inertia that comes with my own fear of failure and consequent avoidance. It’s great to have a few little successes, however small and insignificant by other’s standards. Mine are largely due to such positivity and support here, and wncouragement from fellow posters and stories like your own. Good for you.

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