Update: Rather Positive (Journal#048)

You guys might not believe it, but this is a positive report.

I am trying to get my health issues tackled while I still have my super expensive health insurance.

There is a crater in my tongue right now from where the growth got lasered out. Hopefully the lab will figure out what it was and hopefully it is gone forever now.

I see my doctor this evening for a female exam and to hopefully obtain a referral to the sleep clinic I hear such good things about.

I’m going to find a psychiatrist THIS WEEK. I also need to set up with a regular dentist. I did leave a message with one last week but never heard back… Sometimes, when I don’t hear back from a place, I want to refuse business with them. Is that just me? Like they can’t be that good if they can’t even return my phone call. It depends on how much effort I put into the voicemail. If I put a lot of effort into leaving a really good message, then I don’t take it well when I don’t receive a call back.

Anyway, I have finally started to clean up my room, too.That’s exciting for me.

And I still have a friend. He actually came over the day of my tongue-laser-treatment and we watched Star Trek NG for several hours. It was really nice, even though I was falling asleep on and off (I’m blaming the general anesthetic stuff).

ADDITION: AND, as you guys know already, I’ve started to begin exploring studying for the PTCB exam. Which is really, really impressive for me, because I typically do nothing at all when left to my own devices.

2nd ADDITION: AANNDD I haven’t quit my job yet AND have actually helped to locate a new office. I’m going to venture that I’m not the only one who has had their morale affected by the company changes lately. For the past three business days, I’ve been the only one showing up to work, and I’ve been showing up hours late. But I have started to face The Move thing head on. I don’t know why; I still think it’s silly to have me help with something that ruined my life for several months just now, but so long as I’m mentally distant from it now, I’m sort of able to address it without wanting to die.


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