Update: Too tired (Journal#047)

Sorry All, I have been too tired to do much blogging lately. And I’ve been too tired to respond very well to your comments, or to your own posts. đŸ˜¦

This exhaustion is beyond words at present. I’ve been late to work every day this week. I do plan on trying for the sleep clinic; I hope that can help. I’ve been too tired to even use the movement monitor at night. My boss did switch me to hourly, so I don’t have to work except “when I want to” O_o. I’m afraid my conscience won’t let me cut much off, but I did let myself rest for an extra hour this morning because of it!

Here’s a random complaint about humanity: I lost my train card yesterday. I either dropped it on the platform or on the train itself. It’s connected to my credit card so I had to put a block on it immediately. This morning, I went to a station and asked if any train cards had been turned in. He looked it up and told me that NOT A SINGLE TRAIN CARD HAD BEEN TURNED IN IN THE PAST 48 HOURS ANYWHERE IN THE ENTIRE TRAIN SYSTEM. That is a damn big area. You can bet I was not the only one to drop my train card in the past 48 hours. Apparently it is not the good Samaritans who pick up the dropped train cards around here.


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