Brief Rant on healthcare appointments (Topic#041)

1. I have a thing on my tongue. At some point, I panic and go to an Urgent Care doctor about it ($$$). She says see a dentist. So I see a dentist ($$$). He refers me to an oral surgeon, who will give me a consult. I see him tomorrow ($$$). If it’s determined to be something, I will have to schedule a separate appointment for a biopsy ($$$).

2. I need to get to the bottom of my sleep issues. So I’m going to have to go to a sleep clinic (for the second time in my life). To get the appointment at the sleep center, I have to first get a referral from my primary care doctor. So I have to make another medical appointment ($$$) just to bring in my sleep records and show that I’m sleeping like shit and am exhausted and feel incapable of life. Then I can get an appointment at the sleep center ($$$). Which will likely start with a consultation first… [I already have documented sleep disorders from the previous sleep study, but that was done at least 8 years ago and probably won’t help. I can’t imagine why another sleep study would help me now, but I keep hearing really promising things about this particular sleep center and how it’s helped people, so I would like to give it a try. It could change my life. All I have to lose is $1000’s and $1000’s of dollars… But if it gave me back my life, I could make that money back later.]

People wonder why it sometimes takes me years to address certain medical issues? It’s all so COMPLICATED and takes up SO much time and money.


3 thoughts on “Brief Rant on healthcare appointments (Topic#041)

  1. Man. I feel for you. I’ve just been jumping with joy because in a month I’ll have a room to myself which implies: yay! uninterrupted sleep! (I’m a very light sleeper and my current roommate and I work different shifts, so on some days it’s a struggle to not to walk around like a sleep-deprived zombie)

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