Update (Journal#046)

  1. Lesser Goldfinches

    Lesser Goldfinches

    I’m braving it. Because I am calm and rational.

  2. I have a new friend. I met him online. His online profile mentioned Asperger so I contacted him and we’ve chatted through text ever since. Normally I would screen an online person for months before meeting them face to face, but I was feeling reckless after things with my brother and my new Changed Deck. So I threw some of my more typical caution to the wind and met with my new friend. At a dog park, first. And it went very well. Today, we went bicycling and then walked the dogs. I was running very late this morning, so we did not meet at the planned location; he ended up all the way here while I finished getting ready for 45 more minutes. So my uncle met him then. My aunt met him later, when we went on the dog walk. They both thought he seemed very nice. [UPDATE: The following sentences turned out to be COMPLETELY wrong. He has WAY BETTER boundaries than me in virtually every sense. I was somewhat triggered at first because his offering of assisting me reminded me somewhat of things two other people in my past would do, except they had completely different motives and those two experiences ended horribly for me. So I thought I was going to have to watch myself with “Joe”, but turns out I was completely wrong. It turns out it’s my own shit boundaries that I need to watch out for]: I think I have to be careful because I could tell he has worse boundaries than me; his are more like mine many years ago. What I mean was he was a little too willing to offer assistance and help for me, so I do need to be careful of boundaries with him. But I’m super excited to have made a second local friend now, and our time together has been fairly easy socially. The first day, all I did was talk dogs. This time, we talked a lot about birds and squirrels, and a little about trees.
  3. Work. So some of the changes at work are now official so I can mention them. The company did split into two halves now. When I go back tomorrow, after having been gone for two solid weeks, some of the employees will not be there; they already resigned to form the new company. I do not know what to expect; I do not know what things they took with them and what they left behind. I do not know if anyone will be there when I show up tomorrow. Also, The Move was mentioned to me again already. I am to look for new places to move this half of the company tomorrow. That is to say I am supposed to spend the entire day tomorrow looking for new office spaces for rent.
  4. So I’ve been asleep ever since that was mentioned to me. I wasn’t brave enough to say no. No, I’m not going to help with the move. I couldn’t say no because you sounded somewhat desperate in needing help. I could take my salary and hire someone to help me do this shit. This Move is ruining my life. It needs to end one way or another. I hire someone to help me get through this, or I quit. EndOfStory.

3 thoughts on “Update (Journal#046)

  1. It’s good to see you’re expanding your social horizons, and I hope you can get all the stuff at work figured out. I certainly can’t help you there as I have nothing but trouble when it comes to that kind of stuff. But I wish you the best with it, and I have a feeling you’ll do all right.

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