Comic: Homesick (Comic#030)



I appear to have forgotten to take all of my pills this morning. I believe that’s why I had a little bit of an emotional roller coaster ride today, and slept through most of the day.

One feeling I had was some intense homesickness. We are many miles apart, but here is me thinking of my parents and dog tonight.


6 thoughts on “Comic: Homesick (Comic#030)

  1. Absolutely love the comics! I used comics to establish my relationship with ” Little Man” he is eight years old, and his super power is Autism. The comics gave us a really fun way to communicate.Out of curiosity have you always used comics as a creative outlet? G-uno

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    • Thank you so much. I think that is AWESOME that you used comics to relate with “Little Man”!! I’ve always poorly sketched. Always. They didn’t really go into comic form until sometime in high school or college. I stopped for six years (while married) but am starting again.

      In high school, what actually helped me ‘deal’ with school scenarios was to go home and literally act out the scenarios using my toy horses. Somehow, that 3rd-person type effect (and my beloved toy horses) helped me understand what was going on. That is before I had the comics and stuff, though.

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