My parents surprised me tonight (Journal#038)



My mom texted me to FaceTime her once I had a few minutes to myself. I instantly thought something must be wrong. She did assure me that everything was fine.

So after I reached a quiet time, I FaceTimed her. To my surprise, she and my dad answered the call and immediately started to play/sing Christmas carols! My mom played on the harpsichord and sang, and my dad sang, and of course I sang along via FaceTime!!! Just like the old days!!! ❤ That made my day.

We got to a special song, I insisted that they use another phone to FaceTime my brother. We interrupted him during a fancy dinner with his girlfriend and made him run outside, due to poor reception, so we could all sing, “I’m Gettin’ Nuttin’ for Christmas”. hehheh 🙂

I may have no snow around me, no presents under no tree, and no real mention of any holiday around me at all (my family here is technically Jewish, but don’t celebrate; my uncle did serve an amazing dinner, though), but my parents brought my most beloved tradition to me long-distance. 🙂


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