Acceptance of The Sisterhood of the Bloggers Award – Answering questions

gentlekindness nominated me for this! So I will do my best to fill it out and pass it along to some of you!

1. Name someone famous (past or present) in your country that you admire. Tell us what you admire about them. John Lyons. His videos and books were very accessible to me and made so much sense. They helped me a lot with my pony years ago. / But I’d also put Cesar Millan up here. He’s a favorite of mine.

2. Name someone famous from another country that you admire. Tell us why you admire them. I’ll put Clinton Anderson here. I thought Julie Goodnight and Monty Roberts were both in different countries, but their websites currently read USA. Weird. Anyway, I’m sure Clinton Anderson’s stuff is also accessible. I believe I’ve read some of his articles in magazines and appreciated them.

3. If you were to get a job that had to do with the making of a motion picture. What job would you choose and why. (actor, screen writer, producer, music , make up artist…) Hmm. I’d probably want to take care of the animal actors off stage.

4. What type of movies do you like to watch? Comedies and documentaries.

5. If you were teaching an aspiring writer, what would be one important thing that you would want to tell them or teach them? I’d say, don’t censor yourself when brainstorming. Don’t be strict on yourself for grammar, properness, all of the “rules” etc, until you have gotten down all of your creative ideas onto paper first.

6. What do you like about blogging? I like having a place to say things when / how I want to say them, for the most part. And I love hearing from other people, and getting to see how other people are dealing with somewhat similar issues. I feel like I’ve made some friends on here. It can have a community feel.

7. What are your 3 favorite movies ? Silver Lining Playbook, …I can’t think of any others.

8. Write your own question here and answer it how you like. “What kind of question would I like to ask myself?” I have no idea.


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