Open Letter to Laura Schlessinger (Topic#039)


Dear Laura Schlessinger,
You ruined two lives.
You say gals MUST do things
To call themselves ‘wives’.

I wanted good things
Wanted him to be happy.
I was quite willing
No matter how sappy.

So when he came to me
And expressed those “needs”
I put on a smile
And tried hard to please.

But time and again
Became harder to fake
Pain started, and I knew
then this giant mistake.

For females, you must be
sufficiently lubed
Be it natural or something
Straight out of a tube.
(Which is something gals know,
But some guys refuse.)

Otherwise, the pain is
quite hard to describe.
The extreme discomfort
Becomes quite hard to hide.

After so very long
With this the routine
You start to feel dread
When his “needs” become seen.

It becomes quite the
Involuntary thing
To tense up and cringe
When expecting such pain.

Something that should be
quite pleasant and fun
Became the start of a
relationship undone.

He watched me withdraw
From his mere touch one day
I couldn’t control it
And that wasn’t okay.

He felt unloved,
Unwanted, despised.
I could never again help
My body’s urge to hide.

So Dear Laura, I wish you
could rethink your praying.
Ladies, be real and respect
What your body is saying.

–by innerdragon (feel free to repost)


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