(Fear of) Morning mornings mornings Weekends! (Topic#037)

Why do I fear the morning? I’m going to list out a few reasons for you!

  • There is an entire day ahead
  • Full of unknowns
  • As soon as I get out of bed, I no longer have control of the day
  • If I stay in bed, I might feel guilt, anxiety, self-hate, and more, but I am at least in control of my movements
  • Once I am out of bed, others tell me the plan, what to do, and when
  • The day might be long
  • The day might be exhausting
  • I will not be allowed to rest once my reserves are spent
  • I might not have a chance for snacks when my blood sugar crashes
  • I might have to do activities or say things or be in places where I am uncomfortable and unprepared
  • I will be the child, the passenger, in no control once the day is started (because I choose to spend the day with you and not alone)
  • If I know the plan ahead of time, I can prepare for it (the weather, the time away from home, meeting new people, etc)
  • I could screw up socially, with anybody known or new
  • If I know the plan ahead of time, I can get anxious about aspects ahead of time, too. 😉
  • If walking, skiing, biking, shopping, hiking, etc., I might not be able to take breaks as needed; nobody needs rests as often as I do

I’d say that about sums it up!! 😀


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