OCD: Contamination: Funny story!

Water fountain

Water fountain (and a twig)

This just happened to me! I was in a public restroom with one other lady. She was taking a very long time to wash her hands which I noticed because she was washing before me and only just finished as I was finishing my own hand wash. We dried our hands at separate hand dryers (no paper towels in this restroom). Then the funny thing happened!!!

Neither of us left the restroom!!! I kept stalling and waiting for her to be the one to open the door. I smoothed my hair down, I re-centered my collar, I fluffed up my sweater neckline. She was doing the same bloody thing!!! LOL Finally enough time passed that I just couldn’t stall any longer! I went into the open stall and grabbed some toilet paper and used it to the open the bathroom handle and she exclaimed, “I do that too!!!” I laughed and said “Yeah, there are no paper towels!” And she said, “I know, that’s why I hate the bathrooms that have hand blow dryers!” At the next set of doors, I used my elbow to push the lever down and she said again, “I do that too!!!”

😀 I said, “Yay, I’m not alone!” And raised my hands up like I was celebrating a victory. Then we parted ways into the crowd of the coffee shop.


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