(Reblog): Compassionate Physical Touch for Wellness and Mental Health

I believe positive touch is vital. [I am reblogging this beautiful post by gentlekindness]:


Touch is a fundamental communication between people. It allows us to communicate compassion better that words or facial expression.

Touch is the most important element of bonding and compassion between humans. There are neurochemical effects of skin to skin touch. Compassionate touch is critical for the brain and the body to be healthy. We need human touch to be well.

We need  human touch in order to have good mental health. People who are touch deprived can develop mental illness.

People with mental illness can become worse from a lack of pleasant  physical touch. Compassionate touch reduces stress hormones, including cortisol. When someone touches your skin in a pleasant way, it makes you feel calmer and safer. Anxious feelings  of being in danger and feeling that there is a  threat can be reduced.

People deprived of pleasant physical touch  can develop high levels of stress hormones. High levels of stress…

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4 thoughts on “(Reblog): Compassionate Physical Touch for Wellness and Mental Health

    • P.S. I don’t see your goodnight post so you are probably still up. Goodnight, Fellow Insomniac. 🙂 I just broke down and took half of a clonazepam because my anxiety is sky high (I have no idea why).


    • I went to the original site and left the same comment that I’m leaving you because I think this is an important topic. This is the comment I left.

      “It makes sense to me. In first year Psychology we studied experiments they did on monkeys where some monkeys were nursed by their mothers, others received mother’s milk, but from a metal and fur dummy made to look like a monkey, and still other monkeys were just fed their milk from a wire mock-up that had no fur at all. The difference in the results in the development of those groups of monkeys was absolutely astounding. Cuddling and touching are very important as a baby develops into an older child, and even as they become an adult.”

      Thanks for bringing this topic up again, it really is something people should be aware of. Refusing to touch children in an APPROPRIATE way as they are growing up can be very damaging to their psychological development.


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