Comic: The Last Time I Felt Accepted For Who I Am (Comic#015)

Lost Love

Lost Love

I know what it feels like to be loved for who I really am. I wasn’t hiding then. I wasn’t faking then. You loved me and accepted me. You may have gone away, but the feelings stay with me in my heart forever.


6 thoughts on “Comic: The Last Time I Felt Accepted For Who I Am (Comic#015)

  1. I have someone in my past that I feel this way about. Your cartoons are really great. I love seeing them. You are getting better and better with your cartooning. I think you are becoming prolific at this. Keep it up. I believe in this talent. They are special in that they are accessible for people to understand very quickly and they hit to the heart.

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  2. I fully agree with the first person who commented. Your cartoons are getting better on a daily basis, and you really do seem to have a strong talent for the writing as well as for the drawing of them, and according to two other cartoonists that I’ve interviewed, that’s pretty rare. Many artists draw cartoons that they then have to hire writers to caption, and vice versa. But for a person to draw and caption their own drawings is apparently pretty special, so keep it up, because I think you could be bringing a lot of good to people and doing yourself some good at the same time. I’ll read you later.

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