Update for that last journal post (Journal#030)

Autumn Grass

Autumn Grass

Sheeeeet I was so down when I just wrote that. But what I said at the end really made me think (you can’t tell, but I’ve been thinking for a while now, and surfing through other people’s blogs).

I’m going to try and turn things around! I can’t believe I already let myself feel in a rut with my job! I said I wasn’t going to let myself feel trapped by a job again. I can quit if I bloody well want to quit. I’m going to! I’m going to look every day for a job I like, and you know what? AFTER I finish the PAPERWORK for the health insurance TOMORROW, I’m going to try peeking at some schools around here and see what’s up/ what’s maybe possible.

I’m going to get out of this bloody hole and start having something in my life to look forward to again! Because this is ridiculous. And I need to feel interested in something again.

Also, I’m going to really start trying to focus on positive things more again.


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