Itchy Dog (Journal#025)



Miss Maddy is itchy. That’s not her real name. Her real name is Bailey. I can write it now because she’s not posted online anymore. So Miss Bailey is itchy. Itchy itchy itchy. I checked her VERY CAREFULLY for thirty minutes tonight, examining for fleas or lice. I didn’t see any. I also did a slightly less thorough search for ticks (I’ve become afraid to touch them because they are so gross to me). I saw NOTHING move at all, nothing dark and nothing light. I examined the fur, the skin, and the dandruff. Frankly, I expected it to be crawling, in light of how itchy she is.

She’s scratching her belly the most. It’s very red and inflamed now, and now has some scabs from her scratching. The vet already pulled what she could of the stitches that seem to have been left in her belly incorrectly by someone somewhere along the way of her life. There’s no more plastic sticking out of her belly, so I thought she’d be less itchy there now, but no.

Then there’s her back-side. She bites at it and rolls around trying to scratch it. I looked and there are bite marks or something, but from what? So tonight I gave her the flea & tick medicine that the vet sold us, that is supposed to protect her for one month and then must be repeated.

What’s weird, is that before all this scratching started, her coat had become SO SHINY!!!!! So it seemed like her nutrition must be great now, and her skin was looking less dry… But now it’s very dandruffy from all that scratching. I’ve been brushing her out every night with basically a curry comb (trying to bring up those oils) and then a finishing brush. I know, she’s not a horse. I bought them from the dog section, honest. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d like to get this skin itching figured out without yet another visit to the vet. I kind of wonder two things. First, what if she’s allergic to the dog food or something? Second, what if she has some kind of mite? When they adopted her, she had a bald patch above the tail (there are currently active scabs and bite-looking marks there). They told us she was already treated and healing. But what if they hadn’t wiped them all out? From what I’ve skimmed online, it sounds like the only way to treat those is another vet visit.

On the other hand, if it was something external like mites, wouldn’t they have spread to the other dog? The dogs share bedding all the time. So then I wonder allergy?

Anyone experienced with itchy dogs?


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