Pee. While asleep. (Topic#035)

Lake at Sunset

Lake at Sunset

This will be a short topic; it’s pretty self-explanatory! I debated not writing out this topic because it’s embarrassing, but why not? It’s just one human body on this planet. It’s certainly not the only one that has this problem.

After I got married, I started to pee in my sleep sometimes! But never before (except as a baby, of course). I told my doctor about it right away. She said it happens to some people when they trust another so completely, they feel totally vulnerable to them… something or other. It sounded good.

It sounds less good when you wake up first that morning and realize half the bed is soaked and you have to wake up your spouse so you can get the bedding and mattress protector into the wash and somehow not be late for work. The first couple of times it happened, he was quite supportive. After it happened again, he was less thrilled. And started to express the slightest bit of grossing-out by it.

I was so scared to fall asleep sometimes because I could never tell when it would happen. Always when it happened, I would have dreamed about peeing. I’d be CERTAIN I was awake. In my sleep, I’d even check to make sure I was really awake before peeing!

And also, in part because of blood sugar issues, I sometimes sweat like CRAZY in my sleep. I mean, head-to-toe drenched to the point of being able to wring out my shirt. So almost every morning, I would sniff the bed intensely. Is this pee? Is this sweat? I couldn’t tell sometimes. I don’t suppose it mattered — it would have to be washed even if drenched in ‘just’ sweat.

Anyway, precipitating¬†the divorce, both times when I slept over night in the city, I was so scared I’d pee in my sleep. I even arranged to have towels placed on the floor beneath me.

I’m getting less scared of it happening now. I think it happened once since the divorce. It started to happen one other time but didn’t really.

I wonder what really caused it to start? I had NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER had even the slightest problem with this prior to marriage. And it does seem to be going away. I think a couple of months have passed since the last time anything happened. The mind takes longer to let go of it– I still have a little worry when I start to snuggle into the blankets at night– ‘what if it happens tonight?’


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