Some Random Thought Splatter (Journal#022)

Glaring squirrel

This squirrel was less than pleased with my therapist, who had just installed a cage around the birdfeeder!

I think I figured out why I keep randomly finding that I need to re-“follow” people on here and it’s probably not WordPress’s fault… When I’m going through my “Reader” on my cellphone, I scroll by swiping the page down. I actually saw myself lift my finger off of a scroll yesterday RIGHT on top of the “unfollow” button. Dang. I just had to re-follow two more people today. Sheesh. So if I’ve un-followed you, it’s nothing personal. It’s just the way I roll… er scroll.

I had a pretty funny dream last night. It wasn’t funny at the time. I dreampt that I was in my mom’s old car, and I kept pressing the brake and nothing happened. I kept driving right through intersections and nearly causing accidents. It’s an old dream I’ve had zillions of times over the years, because her old car really did have an issue where I had to press WAY down for the brake to register.

But the funny part is that while I was driving (in my dream), I thought to myself, “Oh no, I shouldn’t be driving this car. Now I’m going to start having my old car-brake nightmare again!” … haha, too late!

I’d like to turn the new dog into a psychiatric service dog. Except I’m not sure how my allergies would make that work, assuming everything else went smoothly.

Zoey wants some bird seed

Zoey wants some bird seed

If I somehow sold my pony, who is living this winter out of state with a friend, I would then push for my aunt and uncle to let me get a wheaten terrier dog. Personally, I like Chinese cresteds the best, but my old therapist convinced me that wheaten terriers make THE BEST service animals for folks on the autism spectrum. She explained that their nature is much calmer than anything with a “doodle” in it, too, and is hypoallergenic and is soft to the touch. And is large enough that I wouldn’t have to constantly be concerned with the dog’s safety rather than my own safety. I’m going to get one someday, it’s just a question of when.

So I typed this on a computer but used my cellphone to add the picture… And it tried to erase all of my paragraph breaks. But I NOTICED this time, backed out of it, and tried to re-edit again using my cellphone, and it worked fine that time. I feel like I’ve out-smarted WordPress today…

I’ve added getting a haircut to my GOALS page, thanks to GentleKindness’s blog post:


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