Meditation Center & A Friend (Journal#021)

Leaf stuck to car sunroof

Leaf stuck to car sunroof this morning

I got to see my cousin off at the airport AND I made the Meditation Center! The meditation itself was very challenging today. My mind was all kinds of muddy and I kept daydreaming. I may have fallen asleep at one point (twice, actually). But the question-and-answer period afterward was really interesting. And you could never guess what happened next.

I tend to be one of the last to leave any place, just because. So I did delay, still listening to people ask the teacher questions and converse until four of us were the only ones left – the teacher, myself, a man who I think might be a teacher or is extremely part of this world, and the woman I mentioned last time as being the person I really felt a connection with, and she turned out to have a severe anxiety disorder, for those of you who read that post. I told them I was going to go to a certain coffee shop afterward to get a certain chocolate drink. I don’t know how it happened, but we all did!

While we were all at a table together, I heard that she was emailing the teacher at 3 a.m. sometimes. I offered her my own email address/phone number if she ever wanted to talk, not for enlightenment because talking with me wouldn’t be that, but just if she felt like talking. We totally exchanged numbers & emails and agreed to be friends!

Afterward, she and I walked around this little town’s shops for hours! I picked up a healthy snack for the week (she’s diabetic and offered me suggestions for managing my sugar-related mood swings). And then I also picked up a Christmas present for my dad and used Garfield comic book for myself.

She also knits and maybe someday we will actually get together and knit! I haven’t really knitted since I got married, because the cats made it too difficult. She does some other art too, it sounded like. Anyway, I could go on. It’s very exciting. I now have a friend in the area! Oh, she also gave me loads of advice for how to manage my insurance that still hasn’t kicked in although I’ve paid for five months’ worth. So I have a goal for tomorrow, and it’s a very small goal, just one step of the process, that should be manageable for me.

I drew my parents a Christmas card today. I don’t know what to write on the inside yet. And I still haven’t figured out what to feel about my grandpa who died … was it yesterday? I’ve pushed it aside for now because I’m not sure how to make sense of it yet.

I was sick most of today (even when I was out amongst the shops, but I wasn’t going to pass up that opportunity). I didn’t do any of my chores today. 😦 I did take a lot of photographs and go through them for a long time. And I think I ate slightly healthier today.


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