Medical Marijuana, Revisited (Topic#019)



Some of you may have read my first post on this topic. I explained how I was trying medical marijuana for several items. I wanted to post an update about that.

So in at least the past three weeks, I have only tried it twice. Both times in edible form, directly before bed, after several nights of terrible sleep. I only took a dose small enough that I wouldn’t “feel” the effects, but even that small of an amount helps me sleep through the night. So for insomnia and for waking up throughout the night, it is a huge success.

I haven’t used it at all for help with my mood in the past three weeks (which is a good sign, since I’m saving it for severely self-destructive moods only). So I have nothing to update on this topic.

For eczema, I am extremely disappointed to say it FAILED. At first, the cannibis balm seemed to be helping keep it in check. But now that there is a second dog in the picture, who I’m extremely allergic to, I am washing my hands many more times and the eczema is getting more and more out of control. I had to break out the desoximetosone(sp), which I was really hoping to avoid using since it makes my skin heal so much more slowly. I was also using the cannibis balm on a particular scar, because some people swear it helps their scars heal more quickly and completely, but I don’t think it helped even the slightest bit.

As a total side note, I spent hours updating my Music page today. πŸ™‚ Β It’s not done, but since it’s going to be changing constantly, it’ll never actually be done.


3 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana, Revisited (Topic#019)

    • Oh — I should let you know, because I’m not sure how clear it is, that I typically refer to the marijuana as “my new sleep medicine” in my posts. It’s only these ones labeled as marijuana posts that refer to what I’m actually trying.


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