Today’s Goals: Improved Mental Focus (Goals#009)



I’m positive these goal posts are boring as hell for you guys, but they REALLY help me focus, and I can tell I’m very distractable right now, so… [First, here is a side note: I finally completed one of my topic seeds! It’s the one titled “PRO Hugs“.]

Today’s Goals:

  • Send my dad a bag of Trader Joe’s cinnamon almonds for Christmas
  • Send my mom a couple of those rubber counter top grippy things I saw
  • Attend bicycle ride this Saturday morning
  • Must bring new scripts to pharmacy
  • Pick up all scripts
  • Fix SugarSync on that one computer …HALFWAY SUCCESS
  • Dump my phone pictures to a laptop so I can take more pictures
  • Organize my bedroom
  • Run a load of laundry …SUCCESS
  • Wash my bedding
  • Work with Maddy on “down” again 🙂 …SUCCESS
  • Attend meditation center on Sunday? (Am I brave enough to go there alone?)
  • Clean bathroom sink + counter
  • Clean bathroom mirror
  • Call my old friend, S
  • Text my old friend, K

Journaling: I wanted to tell those of you who have read my previous posts that last night marks the first time That Topic came up that I didn’t have any emotional slip! What I did was try to drown out any mental focus on it by literally saying, “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA,” in my head. I could still hear most of the words, but my attention was split, and somehow that prevented the emotional impact. So YAY!!!!! Progress. I have to thank all of you who are reading this, because I don’t think I’d be as motivated, and I DEFINITELY wouldn’t be as honed-in on the problems, if it weren’t for me recording notes in this blog! If you remember, I didn’t even know what was causing my extreme mood swing until I was writing a post about it! I had no idea this would turn out to be such a powerful tool for my healing.

UPDATE: I have an idea for a different structure for future Goal posts and future Journaling posts and I’m excited about it. Then I have ideas for two future Topic posts. No. 2. OCD: living by the rules and I can’t remember No. 1. right now, but it’ll come back eventually.


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