Today’s Goals (Goals#005)

Running me

Running me

First of all, I’m excited because of the self-rules I set out for myself last night regarding posting here. I am going to break my rule of 1-picture and 1-bolding per post. These daily goal posts will have all headers bolded.

Today’s goals:

  • Kick-ass workday (stay productive) …SUCCESS
  • Vacuum the downstairs OR dust the main level at home …FAIL
  • Wash my bedding …FAIL
  • Wash my laundry …SUCCESS
  • Get to bed at a decent hour (before midnight) …SUCCESS
  • Submit contract information …FAIL
  • File for new/renewed business license (I let mine expire…yikes) …FAIL
  • Find local psychiatrist & schedule an appointment …FAIL

Today’s other accomplishments:

  • Attempted to “small-talk” briefly at the end of a phone conversation with a coworker when he called about a document.
  • Stood in the sunshine for at least 10 minutes.
  • Was quite social at work

Something I learned today:

  • There are an INCREDIBLE amount of cloud file syncing software available out there!
  • Some people’s set minds CANNOT be altered, in spite of all opposing evidence, and I must make a choice to pretend to agree and keep the peace, or continue to state my actual view. But both choices get me nowhere.

Today’s journaling:

  • This morning, I was rummaging around through dirty clothes, trying to locate my FitBit, and I came across two of my antidepressants. I can’t say which day I missed taking them, but I’m guessing this weekend!!! That would certainly explain all of my ups and downs and feeling so sick!
  • BLARG. A few frustrations today. Nothing I couldn’t handle. But I’m stressed over something I “should” be happy about. I’ve even taken 2 days off of work for this! But any change in routine makes me very stressed, even positive change.

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