New (or first) ideas for this blog! (Goals#004)

Water show

Water show

So after my week of experimenting with this blog, I’m deciding on a few things.

  • There will be (basically) stand-alone topic posts
  • There will be an option of a daily post. That post can include any or all of the following:
    • goals (that day’s and/or upcoming, with or without expiration dates)
    • IF there must be journaling, it will be restricted to the bottom of said page (and highly discouraged, because it’s not what I want to use this for)
    • anything I accomplished that day
    • any steps I too to work on things from previous posts
    • anything I want to work on in the future
    • something interesting or funny that happened that day
    • something I learned that day
  • I will CONSIDER stand alone goal posts, where I would continually update that post with whatever steps I take to accomplish it. I’ll have to decide if I’m going to post such things in a daily post, so by day, or in a goal-specific post. Hmm.

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