PRO Shelter Dogs (Topic#011)



Shelter dogs. They are the ones given one more shot at being alive. If they weren’t born within a year or so of today and end up in a kill shelter, their time is probably up.

This particular dog bonded to us before day’s end. She’s friendly, personable (to the point of clingy), willing to obey and learn. She’s a major food hog (gobbles anything at all off the ground before I even have a chance to see what it is), which will be great for training but means we’ll have to keep a close eye during feeding so she doesn’t eat both dogs’ food. She barked at someone across the street on a bicycle. But loved him when closer. She trips when running down stairs. She throws a HUGE crying/barking fit when The People leave.

It makes you wonder what her life experiences were before. Why so food obsessed? Why so people obsessed? Why tripping down stairs– did her old life not include stairs? Why was she obviously nursing very recently but had no puppies with her?

Why such a sweet and trusting eye for us?

(And why do people keep buying and breeding dogs when there are SO MANY good dogs with unfortunate circumstances in shelters at any given moment, their lives so dependent on us.)


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