Inherent Beauty (Topic#002)

Image of neighbor's flower

Image of neighbor’s flower

I. Don’t. Understand. People. Who. Find. Other. People. Ugly.

I don’t get it. I never have. I have walked down streets before and marveled at how physically beautiful people are. Person after person looks amazingly beautiful. The weight doesn’t matter, the clothes don’t matter, the skin or hair or eye or tooth color doesn’t matter. People are amazing and beautiful.

For me, the change comes when a person opens his or her mouth. When a person laughs at another person’s pain. When a person says nasty things about others behind their backs. When a person complains about others’ ugliness based solely on their weight. There are infinite examples of what makes a person “ugly” to me.

When that happens, their physical features morph for me. I can then see the eyebrows and the slant of the mouth and other features in a way that appears uglier. I can see a cruelness in the eye.

But even then, it can still be softened. I’ll never forget your cruelty, but I can learn to appreciate other things you might say or do. Maybe you say mean things about people, but yet always jump in first to lend a helping hand.

I think everyone has something absolutely beautiful about them physically. I wish more people made a habit of looking for that. But I also think everyone has something special inside, too. I have met just a handful of people in my life who challenged me on this:

  • One person I knew was exceptionally judgmental and hateful, but took in stray cats.
  • Another person was a terrible, terrible boss and used extreme psychological manipulation to make the employees mistrust each other and turn only to her for support. Yet she was a good mother.
  • Another person grew up as a bully, got into drugs and raged against his family and terrorized some people. But he had a soft underbelly and his writings were amazing and beautiful and profound and expressed so much inner torment that all of his other actions fell into a different context altogether.

Can any of you think of any person who is 100% ugly in all respects? I cannot imagine it. I just know there is something good and something beautiful in there somewhere.


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